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While trying to meet Justin these past few days, i’ve experienced first hand how the media twists every situation. It’s crazy. In the articles when it says “Cops were called to Bieber’s condo for noise complaints” they were called because of loud fans. Neighbors call the cops because fans outside are being too loud. It’s not Justin that the cops get called on everyday. It’s the fans.
A fan that stood outside Justin’s condo (via news-bieber)

Moments like this


You know those moments when you notice how much you really love Justin? Like it’s not just some fangirling.
It’s rather that your whole body shakes because of a selfie or picture someone took of him.
The way you smile widely when you listen to his voice and all the throwbacks you have.
Yeah? Because I’m having one of those moments right now and I can’t stop thinking of him (well I never can)


Snippet of Justin’s new song feat Tyga.


July 23: Justin talking to paparazzi in California

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